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The Dynamics 365 Trade Journal is a platform that allows open-source, independent research surrounding Dynamics 365 to be published in a single place. It’s goal is to become a source for innovation and education surrounding the Dynamics 365 Platform and the technology that can be utilised as part of it. It provides an opportunity for users and professionals to submit informed articles and research in this specialised area.
Learn, Contribute, Educate.

There is an open call for established and aspiring writers and reserchers to contribute their articles to the first and on going issues of the journal. We would love to hear your ideas, your thoughts and be able to publish your research. There are no topics for the first issue, so your research on Dynamics 365 can be on what you are passionate and enthuastic about.

To get involved, contact us on the email address at the bottom of this page or on social media and discuss your ideas. There are some article guidelines and further information below.

The nature of research begins with a statement or perhaps something you want to test or look into further. Throughout this exploration you would use different types of research such as qualitative and quantitative types. You would then analyse these to provide a result to your original statement or topic area which you would address and then provide ideas for taking it further, pointing out any interesting results you found. It is very common what you originally set out to look into takes you off down the rabbit hole and leads you to other amazing places and that is the wonderful thing about research. This must be embraced to produce good research!

Research allows you to push the boundaries of what we currently know by questioning exactly that - what we currently assume to know or using that to move into completely new areas. You can work on your own or with other people to submit articles.

If your new to research, then take a look around the internet and do some reading up on different approaches. A good site is here which covers very well how to make your project interesting on paper and what you should really be including as part of your submission to the journal. It doesn't need to be exactly like this, or include every single heading, if its not appropriate, don't include it.

If you want any guidance, please feel free to contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.
The above section 'What types of articles and research do you need?' explains how research is approached and a common style of what is included in research. Hopefully this will explain how it is different from blog articles which normally follow a much more unstructured style. Of course, there is no reason why you cannot publish the same type of style on your own blog, which then leads to the question, why would you publish them here?

The main reason for doing so is to provide a common place for readers to view research on Dynamics 365. It means they don't have to go to different sites and all of this information can be found in one place. It will hopefully provide readers a source for structured research and inspiration.
The journal is trying to achieve more open source research as a whole but also research in the Dynamics 365 space itself. Often research is viewed as something you need to have a large amount of qualifications for but in essense, you simply need to have an idea and the determination and effort to follow that up and to present it well. The journal aims to be a platform for those who wish to do this, to provide information for others to learn, and be inspired from both doing research themselves but also from the contents of the articles too.

Unfortunately as the journal is an open source project itself, this is not possible at this time however it is something to be reviewed in the future.
We are always interested in growing and if you are interested in helping us by sponsoring the journal, then please get in contact on email to discuss.
The journal will be using the issuu publishing platform to publish a distributable and if required, printable version of the journal.
Yes. They will be read to ensure they follow the guidelines (above) and then approved.
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We would really like to hear from you. Register your interest by contacting us on social media or email. Also if you have any questions about content, guidelines, style or anything not covered on this page, contact us!!

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